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In Business, the Expression “Right in Our Wheelhouse” Means That the Task to be Done is Right in the Middle of the Area of Competence.

On a boat, the wheelhouse is a shelter for the person at the wheel. And that’s what Wheelhouse is for a family of contract packaging companies: They’re the wheel, steering their individual businesses… we’re a shelter, providing fundamental, best-in-class business processes, systems, and equipment.

That’s our wheelhouse, allowing South Atlantic Packaging, ProStar Packaging and Versatile Packagers to do what they do best: serving their customers with quality, agility, and the personal attention for which they’re known.

By consolidating the expertise, resources, and capabilities that every business needs as a foundation, Wheelhouse frees the family of contract packaging companies to focus on their customers with the highest degree of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our Family of Contract Packaging Companies

South Atlantic Contract Packaging
ProStar Contract Packaging

South Atlantic, ProStar and Versatile offer a wide variety of contract packaging assembly capabilities from five well-situated locations in North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas. We’re also equipped to embed teams in customer facilities.

In contract packaging, every day is different. Every job is different. This requires agility, flexibility, ingenuity, and technical know-how. We’re able to mobilize our well-trained workforce at a moment’s notice, scale up or down as needed, work 24/7 and deliver jobs on time, within budget and meet every quality standard.

From complex point-of-purchase displays, to packaging for e-commerce, to sophisticated supply chain projects using cutting-edge technology, we find solutions and solve headaches. Plus, we’re just nice people to work with.

For nearly four decades, we’ve been focused on continuous improvement and adaptation to meet ever-changing demands for packaging, not only meeting but also striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

As we grow, we’re also building trust, expertise, and capabilities by pursuing quality and safety certifications, and investing in cutting-edge technology and machinery. It’s all about meeting our goal to be “America’s Go-To Contract Packagers.” Check out our full list of capabilities and offerings – including embedded teams in customers’ facilities – on our websites.